Mommy's Diary (Paperback)

Mommy's Diary (Paperback) by Chen Jie (author)



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Publication Date: 2009-01

ISBN: 978-7533451028

Product Dimensions: 14mm x 165mm x235mm


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This is a book of happy memories, of the growth of a child and the growth of Mom and Dad. There are clips of his childhood in the eyes of a loving mother: "body painting", "fish funeral", and "kindergarten love". There are ingenious ideas about women and family. "Mom should get paid, as full-time mothering is a most demanding job." "Family education is by no means equal to elite education." "Zeal without knowledge is the most absurd". It is about a mother, who creates miracles. This mother has unique experiences to share. And all of the adorable drawings are made by the son.