Annalistic Complete Works of Lu Xun

Annalistic Complete Works of Lu Xun (Illustrated Version,8 volumes)
by Chen Shuyu (editor)



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210mm x 170mm x 240mm


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After Lu Xun passed away, there have been four publications of his complete works as well as numerous separate editions. However, almost all the changes are centering around categorization as per genre or collection compiled by Lu Xun himself. Lu Xun once said: Chronology lends itself to a better knowledge of the current situation. One has to resort solely to annalistic literary collections in order to have an understanding of the humankind and make discussions on the world he finds himself in. Therefore, the compilers of this book make an audacious innovation by publishing Lu Xun's works in an annalistic fashion, an endeavor that has won great appreciation from scholars of Lu Xun Studies from China Lu Xun Museum.In the categorization of the lengths of the various volumes, compliers took into comprehensive consideration different stages in Lu Xun's life activities and the development of his thinking. While balancing the lengths of various volumes, the completeness is kept of different stages. Since Lu Xun often timed and entitled his writings according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, compilers took the trouble to check it and the compilation order of this complete collection is made in the form of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar on the left and the Christian era on the right. Meanwhile, according to the index of all the titles in the complete collection, table of contents is given to more than two thousand illustrations together with titles and explanatory notes.