Dr. Wu Lien-The: Unrivalled Plague Fighter Won the 2nd Chinese Excellent Publication Award

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Dr. Wu Lien-The was a founder of the Chinese Hygiene and Anti-Epidemic Industry and the first modern Chinese scientist highly exalted and canonized in the world. He returned from the southeastern Asian areas in 1907 and had been the leading character of the Chinese modern medicine ever since. His life was both colorful and eventful as he experienced and witnessed the many significant historic moments from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China. In particular, he was ready to give his life in times of national danger, successfully headed a Chinese-led international campaign against a plague which was running rampant in the three provinces in the North East of China in 1911, and finally wiped out the plague which was a breakout not seen in a hundred years. This book attempts to display the legendary progress of modern medicine in China through the character of Dr. Wu Lien-The from a historical perspective.

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Dr. Wang Zhe is doctor of medicine who graduated from Beijing Medical University and the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine. He was once engaged in the virus research and prevention and control of AIDS and later he went to America to work in the IT industry. In 2004, with the pseudonym of "Peking Tiger", he began to publish essays and informal essays on literature and history on the Internet as well as newspapers and magazines with a word count of several hundred thousand up to now. He also initiated a comprehensive forum for overseas Chinese entitled "Qing Tan Tian Di" meaning a light discussion on world affairs.