Book published by FEP found its way into the 2nd "Three One Hundred" Selected Books in Original Publication Projects

The Great Landscape published by Fujian Education Press (FEP) was selected into the second "Three One Hundred" Selected Books (293 titles) in the Original Publication Projects under the category of fiction and children's readers.

[Product Description]
This book is the latest fine production of Mr. Xu Gang, a pioneer in environmental literature. It is the first of his trio entitled "The Great Land and Me". This book is one with independent aesthetic features in its truest sense in the Chinese literature and the fine selection and distillation of Mr. Xu Gang's twenty years of literal writing on ecology and environment. It is another attempt of the author from style to thought in this field of writing.

The Great Landscape is a volcanic production of the author after years of close-door concentrated research in the field. It points out the closely-weaven relationship in between great mountains in the Pamir Plateau, Tibetan Plateau, and Hengduan Mountain Range and their surroundings which are something of the most spectacular, marvellous and perplexing water systems in the globe. Great importance is attached to the relationships in between mountain and water, water and human beings. A presentation is made of the absolute impact of changes in the great mountains and waters on the accumulative changes of humanities. The book winds up with the author's worries and concerns in the ever-increasing deterioration of water environment.

[About the Author]
Mr. Xu Gang was born in 1945 in Chongming Island in the lower reaches of the Changjiang River. He was born of a farmer's family and graduated from the Chinese Department in Beijing University. He composed poems and songs and established his fame after the publication of Song of Farness, 100 Lyrics, and Xu Gang's Nine-line Lyrics and essays like Little Grass, Sculpture in the Fall, and Note on Night Journey. In the past 15 years, he has engaged himself in the study of humankind and their environment and initiated the writing of environment literature and his major works like Wake Up, Lumbermen, Homeland Watcher, China: Another Crisis, Green Announcement, Legend of the Earth, Legend of the Changjiang River have found a great appeal at home and abroad.