Book Published by FEP Was Chosen as The Best Book on educational academic theories in 2008 Teachers Selected Excellent Books Activity

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Transition of Teacher's Role in Stories, one title of "Series of New Curriculum Reform in Stories" published by Fujian Education Press (FEP) was chosen as The Best Book on educational academic theories in 2008 "Teachers Selected Excellent Books Activity" sponsored by China Education Newspaper.

[Editor's Review]
Every teacher has his own educational stories and each of them is a unique experience and an opportunity for professional development. Centering on stories, a thorough analysis is made on the experience of teachers in curriculum reform, which is both thrilling and meaningful. 
--Prof. Qu Baokui from the Department of Education in East China Normal University

There are endless wisdom of teaching in stories. Novel teaching notions are embodied in stories and the glory of theories is also reflected in stories. "Series of New Curriculum Reform in Stories" chief-compiled by Prof. Zheng Jinzhou drives home to us this point. 
--Prof. Chen Yukun, doctorate supervisor, Director of the Principals' Training Center under the Education Ministry, and dean of the School of Public Administration in East China Normal University

To retell stories happened around teachers, to discern their significance, to crystallize educational and teaching wisdom, and to realize the professional development of teachers, is a road of benefit for the growth of teachers at present. Significant exploration has been made by Prof. Zheng Jinzhou in chief-compiling "Series of New Curriculum Reform in Stories".
--Wang Nan, Party Secretary of Guangxi Normal University

[Product Description]
There is a growing tendency recently in the professional development of teachers, that is, from the great concern of professional knowledge and skills required of teachers as a special group of people to the stress of professional wisdom required of them in the special condition of education and teaching. In their teaching practice, teachers at primary and secondary schools tend to ponder over questions like these: "Where does wisdom come from?", "What is the relationship in between knowledge and wisdom?". To answer these questions, firstly, we need to realize that "knowledge accumulation leads to wisdom" and "good morality turns into wisdom" are a necessary road of development for wisdom. To constantly acquire and accumulate knowledge and cultivate one's temperament is an important channel for the growth of wisdom. Secondly, we should also know that stories, as media to reflect teachers' educational and pedagogic experiences, carry their happiness and worries, gives nourishments to their character building and temperament development, represents their ideals and notions, and foregrounds their capabilities and skills.
This series based itself on bridging in between general portrayal and detailed depiction, examples and moral lessons, and knowledge and wisdom. Most stories cited in this series are detailed description of educational and pedagogic reality. Based on the compiling of these stories, the design of reading guidance and brief comments on each story, we thus try to yield relevant significance and theoretical insight, to acquire the shining wisdom from teachers so that the education and teaching of teachers will therefore go further and deeper.